Skin Care Health in Heat: What Key West Residents Should Know

Living in Key West, we are blessed with great food, friendly people, and most importantly, perfect weather. The Sun is always shining and the beaches are always packed. While parts of the country are buried under feet of snow, it’s very common to see a sunbather on the beach here in the middle of winter. With our constant exposure to the Sun, Dr. Ashley Hoyt, Key West medical professional, believes that it is important to share a few tips on how to keep your skin healthy in the heat.

Sunscreen is your Best Friend
The number one rule that people often share regarding skincare in the Sun is making use of sunscreen. This one rule can never be mentioned enough. Use liberal amounts -generally a shot glass full- of sunscreen to evenly coat your body. Always apply sunscreen before you are dressed and 20 minutes before you leave the house. This ensures that your body is fully coated and allows the sunscreen to sink into your skin before activating.

Limit Sun Exposure
As Floridians, we live in the Sun. It almost feels unnatural when we are anywhere but outside enjoying the beautiful weather we are gifted. However, limiting your Sun exposure can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Specifically, limit your time in the Sun between 10am and 4pm when the Sun is the highest and the UV rays are the most intense.

Dress Appropriately and Functionally
We live in sandals, shorts, and beautiful dresses. It’s the understood dress code of life in Florida. But functionality and protection should also be incorporated into our daily wardrobe to fight against the Sun. Consider packing (and wearing!) long sleeves or pants at some point during the day to help fight the Sun. Many professionals who work outside utilize this rule to combat their extended exposure to the Sun. Also, feel free to incorporate accessories like sunglasses and hats into your wardrobe. They may be fashionable, but more importantly, extremely functional.

Don’t Fully Rely on Makeup
There are plenty of makeup brands that tout their UV protection, but it is not wise to simply rely on them. It may seem easier to just skip the sunscreen and just use the makeup you were going to apply anywhere, but this is by no means a good idea. You would need to use 7-15 times the amount of SPF –labeled makeup to receive the same level of coverage from your sunscreen.


Start from the Inside Out
Proper health starts from the inside out. Staying hydrated and getting regular vitamin injections will help keep your body regulated and healthy. Consuming a healthy diet full of natural sun blocking antioxidants can be a useful strategy to ensure your body has the best defense. A diet rich with green tea,  blueberries, plums, deep green vegetables, and walnuts can naturally boost your epidermal armor and, with the addition of sunblock, will give your skin extra protection from sun damage.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy life in the Key West Sun to the fullest. For more health-related news and tips, be sure to stay up to date with Ashley Hoyt.